Who does the Bullard Community Response Team consist of?

The B-CRT team consist of highly skilled and experience Hand Up Network response team leaders and members of the Bullard community. 

What does a B-CRT volunteer do during a time of natural disaster? 

B-CRT volunteers address unforeseen and tragic needs, ranging from tornadoes, floods and severe weather events, as they occur in our community. This team of volunteers is comprised of members of the Bullard community ready and trained to step in when disaster strikes. "B-CRT" volunteers do not serve as first responders in a disaster but can and do provide a stable labor force to assist community members during and after a disaster.

Level 3 Volunteer

Level 3 roles offer general opportunities to volunteer in roles that are extremely important but can be filled by volunteers with a variety of skills, age and life experiences. Advanced training is not required, but roles are still vital to the overall goal.

Level 2 Volunteer

Level 2 roles may still have skill/expertise requirements, they offer opportunities where individuals and groups may be able to fill the roles with limited need for advanced training. Volunteers can still expect basic training on process, execution and opportunity objectives.

Examples would be Teachers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Doctors, etc.

Level 1 Volunteer

Level 1 Volunteers require an advanced level of training for services that are program/topic‎ specific. These roles could be key components of the Hand Up Network Assessment Process or Technical Training needs where a specific skill or expertise is a pre-requisite for serving in the role.

How do B-CRT members maintain their skills? 

B-CRT members work with the Hand Up Network to maintain team skills and the working partnership.

What if I have concerns about my age or physical ability?

There are many jobs within B-CRT for someone who wants to be involved and help! Volunteers are given specific and intentional opportunities to engage alongside team leaders. No matter your skill set, leaders will work with you to determine the best place for you to optimize your impact and help your community.

How do we start a Community Response Team?

The City of Bullard already has a Community Response Team, and we are always in need of more volunteers! The program does take a commitment of time and resources from all parties. Interested community members can learn more about each Hand Up Network volunteer level and sign up to be a part of the B-CRT program here

Who can become a B-CRT member?

Everyone is encouraged to volunteer and get trained through the Hand Up Network - it's especially useful for those involved in neighborhood watch, community organizations, communities of faith, school staff, workplace employees, scouting organization and other groups that come together regularly for a common purpose. Skills learned through the Hand Up Network are useful in disaster and everyday life events.

Why should I volunteer?

Like other local government agencies, the City of Bullard is prepared for everyday emergencies. However, there can be an emergency or disaster that can overwhelm the community's immediate response capability. The primary reason for B-CRT training is to give people the decision-making, organizational, and practical skills to offer immediate assistance to family members and neighbors while waiting for help. While residents will respond to others in need without the training, the goal of the B-CRT program is to help people who do so effectively and efficiently without placing themselves in unnecessary danger. The Hand Up Network educates volunteers about disaster preparedness and trains them in basic disaster response skills, team organization, and more.

Who do I contact for more information on how to volunteer?

Our amazing partners at the Hand Up Network will be able to answer questions regarding volunteering.