Make online payments:

Water Bill/New Utility Service Deposit

You may pay your bill online. Enter in the bill amount in the correct field, and then click "continue". Enter your payment and billing information in the fields provided, be sure to include your account number in the "Customer ID" field to ensure your bill is paid correctly (if you do not have your account number, your billing address must match your physical address). There is a 3% charge for online payments.

Citations & Court Fees

Credit/debit card payments can also be made by calling 903-894-7263 or online. Warrants must be paid in full or payment will be rejected. If you are unable to pay the fine and costs, there are alternatives to the full payment of any fine or costs owed and we will discuss this with you are our court. Should you not appear at our court, you could be arrested for failure to appear.

Other (Permit Fees, Park Reservation Fees, Event Vendor Fees, etc.)