Bullard Library

The idea for a community library for Bullard was conceived by Mrs. O. O. Ferrell, Sr., Dr. Marjorie Ferrell Roper and Helen Terrell Nunnally. They wanted a library that not only would provide books for the community, but would also have space for a meeting room to serve the needs of the community. An ambitious plan was laid out to raise money through donations and grants from 120 different foundations.  Donations of books came almost immediately from the community, with Dr. and Mrs. Rhea Nichols of Dallas being the first to donate for the new library. As a result of the community’s efforts, enough money was raised to purchase land in downtown Bullard, and on June 3, 1978 construction began on a 3000 square foot pine log building.  The $50,000 building was opened debt-free on June 2, 1980, with over 15,000 books on the shelves.

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Emergency Services

Disasters can strike at any time, have no warning, and come in many different forms. We support and protect the citizens of Bullard by improving our capability to prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate against the hazards we face. The four phases of emergency management help guide us in this mission.


Parks & Recreation

One of the greatest features that Bullard has to offer though for kids and families is our great parks. We have two city-maintained public parks, that creates an excellent parks system. It not only provides a place for families to gather and play, but draws families in from miles away to enjoy our facilities. Our parks are clean and well-maintained and will surely become a favorite destination for your family.

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Residential Subdivisions


The City of Bullard is fortunate enough to be home to a very unique education relationship between one of the top rated public school systems, Bullard Independent School District and one of the top rated private and boarding schools, The Brook Hill School. The access that families have to these two amazing education systems plays a big factor in Bullard’s residential and commercial growth.

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