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1. Can the Court or its employees provide me with legal advice on how to handle my citation?
2. Do I have to employ an attorney to represent me in Municipal Court?
3. Can I pay my fine in installments?
4. If there is a mistake on the ticket, does that make it invalid?
5. Can the Judge dismiss my ticket?
6. I just want to tell the Judge my story. Will he/she talk to me?
7. Is this charge going to revoke my probation?
8. Is this ticket going on my driving record?
9. What about surcharges issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety?
10. Can I reset my court date over the telephone?
11. What action may be taken if a defendant fails to respond to a summons to come to court?
12. How may the court enforce a subpoena?
13. I have a warrant for my arrest, who do I need to speak with?
14. I would like to dismiss the charges of assault and the Prosecutors Office will not let me drop the charges.
15. I was placed on payment plan and for some reason I defaulted on the agreement. How can I reinstate the plan?
16. I need an extension to pay the fine. Who do I need to talk to?
17. Can you tell me what time and date is my court setting?
18. My deadline has passed to complete or return the driving safety certificate and/or my driving record. What do I need to do?
19. Someone has received a ticket in my name, how can I get this corrected?
20. I need information regarding a Count, Federal or Department of Public Safety Office.
21. I received a letter from the Department of Public Safety regarding the suspension of my drivers license. How do I get this corrected?