• Sunset near the horizon showing tree line and open field
  • Sunset over a lake
  • Texas bronze star at a ranch
  • Three trees with a fence and animals in the distance
  • Two small children playing
  • Vehicle parked outside of building
  • Water feature at a golf course
  • Bullard water well historic sign
  • Children climbing a decorated wall
  • Downtown shopping - corner of building
  • Families at a park with triangle roofs
  • Families at a park
  • Family gazing at fireworks at night
  • Fence bordering a park
  • Gazebo on a dock over a lake
  • Golf course near water feature
  • Historic photo of downtown shopping
  • Impressive building with columns near water at night
  • Impressive building with columns near water during the day
  • Large beautiful home
  • Large home - view from afar
  • Large impressive home
  • Lots of people at a park

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