Zoning Regulations for the use of land within the City limits including the regulation of subdivisions, buildings, structures, and signs is governed by Chapter 10 Planning and Zoning Ordinance adopted on May 11, 2006 and as amended and including Thoroughfare Overlay requirements for certain streets. Development standards withing the City and within the City's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) are also set out in this Ordinance.

Zoning requests and Plat applications are heard by a seven-member Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z). Meetings of the P&Z are held as needed on the third Monday of the month. The Commission makes recommendations to the City Council for the final decision. 

Chapter 10 Planning and Zoning Ordinance

Planning and Zoning Amendments

Zone Change Request

Special Use Permit

Plat Application

Zoning Map

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